Hello again fellow readers

It’s been a shade over two months now since my last post so let me start by extending my most humble apologies. It’s been a crazy busy eight weeks that resulted in our moving to that family cabin property in Northwestern Pennsylvania referenced under the Author tab on my web site at www.rickleybooks.com. It’s a restful spot on the lower middle section of the Allegheny River in Venango County where there’s a better than even chance to see an eagle soar overhead on most days and where it’s Friday every day. 😉 To all of you who helped us in one way or another, we cannot express how much we appreciate your efforts and support.

Jolie Rouge continues to be received very well and I’m glad to see that a couple of you were kind enough to offer words of praise on Amazon, and to that I say—Thank You!

As mentioned in my last post on Groundhog’s Day, I plan to introduce—or reintroduce as the case may be—my first book, Ghost Creek, in preparation for the forthcoming sequel Reckoning at Little Bear—or RLB. I’m almost one hundred pages into the first draft of RLB now and the plot is unfolding nicely. Stay tuned for future posts with insight into the premise, characters, and progress of the story.

Until the next time,

— Rick

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