A thank you to my readers

Thank you dear friends for your continuing support. Now that we’re charging headlong into 2016 and Punxsutawney Phil has graciously pronounced that “spring is just around the corner,” I think it’s time to take a few moments to express my sincere appreciation to each of you who have purchased, commented upon, or in one way or another expressed interest in my writing. The satisfaction I feel is unparalleled when someone goes out of their way to say how much they enjoyed either book: whether it be how Ghost Creek had given them nightmares or that they enjoyed the young love that blossomed between Nick and Michelle; or thought that they were actually there, strolling through the streets of Key West or living a renegade life aboard a pirate ship along with the characters in Jolie Rouge. Such comments tell me that you were moved and that I have done my job to serve you well—and for this I say, Thank You!

You see, as I writer I have the good fortune to be each of the characters as I create them, to watch their personalities unfold, to discover how they react to the situation that another part of my mind is simultaneously creating for them. It’s an interactive and often spontaneous endeavor. At times I’m the one who’s directing the action while at others it’s the characters that tell me how a scene is to play out. Add to the mix what and where to infuse a dose of non-fiction for interest sake and the writing process takes on a whole new level of complexity. Simply put, writing is a rewarding challenge that I am proud to share with you. To hear that I’ve actually created something—twice now—that’s enabled you to escape from reality for a little while…well, there’s no greater rush than that.

Jolie Rouge has been available since this past September and as many of you know, the social media campaign started two months later. Each week I see new “likes” appear on Facebook, which tells me that the word is getting out. I am also pleased to announce that all feedback has been highly favorable. Whew! Jolie Rouge was an ambitious undertaking to say the least. I did my best to meld fiction with historical fiction and non-fiction into one cohesive narrative, and doggone it, it looks that I have succeeded. To this end, I encourage each of you who have read either of my works to post a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and by all means to encourage your friends to pick up a copy or tune into my Facebook page or web site at www.rickleybooks.com.

Many of you will be excited to hear that the Curse of Coronado is alive and well and will be reprised of sorts in my latest project, Reckoning at Little Bear, the third book in the Ghost Creek trilogy. The sequel, EcoGenesis, is a yet to be written, stand alone environmental thriller that takes place in the 1990s. Had life not gotten in the way back then, you would already know what happened. I’ll let you know what does once it’s written sometime down the road. As I write this, I recently returned from a mini-vacation that included a stop in Charleston, South Carolina to play tourist and do a little boots-on-the-ground research where the Reckoning at Little Bear story begins. I found Charleston to be a wonderful city worthy of addition to your bucket list of places to visit when traveling the Deep South.

In preparation for the new book, I plan to reconnect some of you while introducing others to Ghost Creek. Future blogs will include excerpts from Ghost Creek, updates on the status of Reckoning at Little Bear (I cringe at the thought of having to cave to the dumbing down process and reduce the title to an acronym, though I have to admit RLB does roll nicely off the tongue), and what I hope you find is interesting insights learned over the course of my writing experience.

Until next time, stay warm, be safe, and thank you again for your continuing support

— Rick