Welcome to Jolie Rouge!

The idea to write a pirate story took root in early 2010 following a recent family vacation to Key West. It was a wondrous trip filled with sipping boat drinks in the sand by day and strolling up and down Duvall Street by night. Fond remembrances are still had of the dinner we shared at the Conch Republic Seafood Company one evening of the mahi-mahi I caught earlier that day, prepared by a restaurant chef.

I had been considering a pirate-theme project for sometime. It was a Friday afternoon in May, after throwing in the towel for the workweek, when I decided to sit down and finally flesh out some ideas. It didn’t take long to realize that the best pirate novel was one that captured the essence of Key West’s carnival-like atmosphere and answers the questions I inevitably find myself dreaming about whenever I’m at the beach; questions like: what’s out there beyond the horizon? What would be like to ply the high seas during the age of sail, or to be a pirate for a day? Are there pirates out there right now waiting to prey on one of the pleasure boaters once they cruise beyond sight of land?

The budding concept took a fortuitous turn when I stumbled upon the remarkably obscure pirate Bartholomew Roberts during my research. To say the least, the historical record of Roberts’ exploits was every bit as dramatic as the best fiction, so I elected to recount his piratical life in full. The same can be said about Haiti, a country with a rich and turbulent history so incredulous that it, too, begged to be summarized in detail in support of the fiction portion of the story that delves into Voodoo (Vodou) and zombies (zombis).

I hope you find Jolie Rouge to be the perfect beach read or companion to help chase the winter blues away. Thank you for your support and enjoy the adventure.

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season!


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