Excerpt from “Chapter 9 – Cape Coast Castle, Ghana – March 28, 1722”

Jolie Rouge: A Swashbuckling Tale of Adventure and Intrigue by Rick Ley

Excerpt from “Chapter 9 – Cape Coast Castle, Ghana – March 28, 1722”:

It was only a matter of time before he was captured or killed in battle.
Roberts surely must have known this, considering that his success had
made him a hunted man on both sides of the ocean. The world was fast
becoming a much smaller place, the coastlines less remote, the shipping
lanes increasingly crowded with warships to accompany a burgeoning
trade. Roberts certainly would have observed this fact as well. Then there
were those Woodes Rogers sorts—the Englishman’s success at eradicating
the pirate trade at New Providence in the Bahamas no doubt would have
resulted in the placement of provincial governors of a similar bent of mind
at strategic locations in the Old World before long. Until then Roberts could
only hope to buy time, to perhaps find that someplace left where he could
continue roaming the seas uncontested, or perhaps some foreign land where
he could assimilate back into society a wealthy and obscure man.

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