Excerpt from “Chapter 6 – Straits of Florida – Atlantic Ocean”

Jolie Rouge: A Swashbuckling Tale of Adventure and Intrigue by Rick Ley

Excerpt from “Chapter 6 – Straits of Florida – Atlantic Ocean”:

Cat Solomon was awakened early the following morning by the
clanging of silverware and the savory aromas of bacon and freshly
brewed coffee wafting her way from the kitchen. Without bothering to
change out of her nightshirt, she scrunched her feet into a pair of slippers
and shuffled down the hall and into the condo common room. Beyond the
center island countertop Brett was busily making breakfast. Aware of her
presence, he looked up from the skillet in his hands to cheerily announce,
“Good morning, Catherine. I hope that you slept well?”

Cat groggily waved back, yawning. Ruffling fingers through her pillow-
misshapen hair, she shuffled forward and with a smile said, “Oh, I did.”
Another yawn. “You continue to amaze me, Brett,” she added, now looking
over Brett’s shoulder from the same side of the center island. “What did we
do to deserve breakfast? And it smells soo good.”

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