Excerpt from “Chapter 2 – Miami International Airport”

Jolie Rouge: A Swashbuckling Tale of Adventure and Intrigue by Rick Ley

Excerpt from “Chapter 2 – Miami International Airport”:

The wheels of US Airways Flight 1886 touched down with a surprisingly
gentle double-thud. The landing was followed immediately by
the immensely powerful roar of engines set in full reverse-thrust and after
that, a long and slightly bumpy if not soothing taxi into Concourse J of the
South Terminal. Once the plane had finally come to a stop, Cat Solomon
took a brief look out the window and then at her husband, Pete Hampton,
seated beside her. Cat was pleased and not at all surprised to find Pete
already beaming. “We have arrived!” he exuberantly proclaimed.

“Indeed we have!” Cat replied, with equal enthusiasm.

The reason for the excitement was their pending four-day mini-vacation,
which was about to conclude its first leg of air travel at Miami International
Airport with a final destination slated for later that day in Key
West. By all accounts the trip was a significant—and positive—departure
from their career-first lifestyles that anal-retentive Pete had been only too
eager to overanalyze on the car ride to the airport. And while it was true that
Cat considered his compulsive nature one of the qualities that first attracted
her to him, it nevertheless annoyed her to no end when Pete analyzed situations
simply as a reflex action and not because they demanded his assessment.
Regardless, she placated him, knowing full well that he would state
the obvious when citing the virtues of their vacation.

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